Let’s Pamper Daddies With The Perfect Gifts!

Gifting is a bliss and a skill, but only a few people master in that skill, for the rest it’s hard. The “World’s Best Daddy” mugs and the “Soap on a Rope” gifts got too cliche, a gold or a platinum ring is too costly, a beer is not just enough. Ugh! The struggle is real.

No worries, we got your back. Check out the perfect gifts that will suit your dad the best plus these are totally pocket-friendly with Yaarlo cashback.

P.S: We highly recommend hugs and love but these 5 gifts are too adorable to buy it for Pops.

The Bicep Builder Daddy
Does your daddy miss the PTAs for hitting the gym? Or does he love gym more than you? Buy these perfect fitness tracker from Sears and get up to 4% cashback.


The Blended with Nature Daddy
Hiking, picnics, and beaches are his favorite hobbies. In Spite of all the busy schedules nature loving does not come to a halt. These type of daddies needs something super special. How about a mini greenhouses from Walmart and get upto 3% cashback from Yaarlo to tickle his nature-loving more?


The Top Chef Daddy
Not just BBQ, is your daddy a total pro chef? Then here is a smart and cool kitchen gadgets to make his work easy. Buy this Electric Spiralizer from Ebay and get 3% cashback from Yaarlo.

The Travel Addict Daddy
Wanderlust is the best thing ever. And your daddy has totally nailed it. Why not gift something that is gonna be of great help during his next travel? Check out these best travel Gift Card collection from Yaarlo.

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The Tech-Head Daddy
Have you ever realized that your daddy is way too ahead of you in knowing about the latest gadgets and techs? Those tech-head daddies need something super special like the latest Amazon Echo for $99 from Best Buy with the best cashback from Yaarlo.


Make your dad super happy with these gifts. Happy Pops Day!


The Scanning Clans Tournament Is Here!

Now to get started you need pens, pencils, heavy directories for reference and those scientist monocles. Nah! JUST KIDDING.

“All you need is just the everyday shopping receipts and the Yaarlo app To win $250 cash prize.

Registration Starts on 15th June and ends on 30th June.

What is “Scanning Clans Tournament”?

After the success of the Shopping Clans Tournament and making the winner jump in joy with $10,000, the “Scanning Clans Tournament” is out. The much simpler and super exciting tournament for you. Register and play.

The Tournament starts from 1st July and ends on 31st July.

Here are the Rules:

1. The Clans: (Two Ways to Join)

Creating A New Clan Joining An Existing Clan

How To create A new Clan:

  1. Click on “Create Clan” and then provide a Clan Name and Clan Description
  2. Invite Clan members by clicking the (+) Icon and share your referral code
  3. Anyone in your team can add a member before the tournament begins
  4. There should be a minimum of five and a maximum of ten members to start the tournament

How to Join An existing Clan:

  1. Click on “Join Clan” and then enter the Invitation Code
  2. You will be added as a member in the clan

Psst…(We love to teach you hacks):
You can even win $350. HOW?

1. JOIN one Clan and CREATE another Clan.
2. The no. of receipts you scanned will show up on both the Clan pages and hopefully drive both the clans towards the Winning.
How Cool Is that?

2. The Winners:
Here is how we pick the cream of the crop.
1. Scan Maximum receipts with Yaarlo to Win this tournament
2. The Team that hasn’t scanned a minimum of 250 receipts cannot win the tournament.

3. The Bonanza
The first 3 Clans that scans most number of receipts will receive (divided proportionately based on the contribution) :
1st Prize: $250
2nd Prize: $100
3rd Prize: $50

Enjoy Playing the Tournament and Get ready to win $250.


Camping And Glamping Together

To all those who think camping nights are like a zombie apocalypse or those who cannot even try making peace with big bugs, here is a little help. Check out all these camping essentials and tools that will make your experience look more like glamping than camping.

1. Comfy Tents
Tents are basic. Camping or glamping, without tents the essence is lost. But the type of tents can be replaced with more comfy ones this year. Get these tents at 66% off at ebay now and get up to 3% cashback from Yaarlo


2. Grill and Chill
The campfires and cooking in the woods are great, but what is not so great is the struggle that’s Involved. So when you can get grill sets for cheap from Walmart for just $138, you get to eat amazing BBQs and also save some bucks.


3. Canopies Cannot Be Missed.
The nights are colder and the days are too sunny. Won’t you love having a canopy? You don’t want the bright sun to wake you up with a kick. The canopies help you make your camping better. Buy it from Walmart today at $89 and get up to 3% cashback.


4. Portable Espresso Maker
Can you have a happy mood without sipping the coffee? If your answer is “no” then this is a must buy. This espresso maker is super handy and comes at a reasonable price. Buy it from Walmart and save $14 plus get up to 3% cashback from Yaarlo.


5. Nice Warm Shower is Possible
Bathing while camping is hard. The natural waters are so fresh and soothing, but extremely cold. Try these solar showers from Target for just $18 to get the feeling of home as well as your camping experience stays on point, and get 4% cashback from Yaarlo


Buy these latest gadgets through Yaarlo and make your trip adventurous like camping as well as glamorous like glamping


All You Need is a Little love and More Donuts: – Celebrating National Donut Day

Here is an optimistic thought on this day. Eating Donuts are scientifically proven to make you happier and smarter. How great is that? And that’s the very reason why we get to celebrate an entire day for these delectable and gorgeous Donuts.

Tickle your Donut love with Yaarlo’s cashback and laugh a little with these funny Donut gifs.

  1. When You realize today is National Donut Day and also a great excuse to stuff at least three..Actually a lot of them.

  2. Doughnuts are Fat-Free. But how?

  3. You are so confident about making the balance.

  4. When you hear someone saying they “Hate Donuts”

  5. Nothing loves you more than those juicy, crispy Donuts and you finally understand that.

  6. When you got friends who love Donuts as much as you love them.

  7. Donut Worry and celebrate National Donut day with Best cashback from Yaarlo.